Huawei is calculating how much to charge Apple and Samsung for their 5G licenses

Huawei is the world’s pioneer in 5G patents, and it’s weighing how much Apple and Samsung can pay for access to its lucrative riches. Huawei (15.39%) has the most 5G inventions, followed by Qualcomm (11.24%), ZTE (9.81%), Samsung (9.67%), and Nokia (9.67%). (9.01 percent).

Apps to Tackle Sexual Harassment Ineffective and Threatening

Apps to tackle sexual abuse and misconduct have been around for at least a decade. They have been introduced in business settings, colleges, and mental health programs with funding from government initiatives such as the Obama administration’s 2011 Apps Against Violence challenge and global organizations such as UN Women.

eGeneration Will Now Convert Bangla To The International Phonetic Alphabet

The ICT Division of Bangladesh, in collaboration with eGeneration, has successfully developed a technology that integrates Bangla language with computing and ICT, allowing it to become a globally used language. It will also be used to develop a technology that will enable robots to understand Bangla in the near future. It’s called “Dhwani,” and it’s…